displaying "total" distance and average pace in Intervals (GPS Interval) whith Auto-Laps in distance ( 1km) (Read 761 times)

    Hi !

    I have my Garmin set on Auto-Intervals

    Right now I can see the following data:


    Intervals (GPS Interval)
    Type        Distance    Time    Total Time    Pace   
    Interval    1 km        4:41.85    4:41.85        4:42               
    Interval    1 km        4:49.11    9:30.96        4:50               
    Interval    1 km        4:44.45    14:15.41    4:45

    it would be nice to get:
    Type        Distance    Time        Pace    Total Distance    Total Time     Av Pace
    Interval    1 km        4:41.85        4:42        1km     4:41.85     4:41.85      
    Interval    1 km        4:49.11        4:50        2km     9:30.96    4:45.48           
    Interval    1 km        4:44.45        4:45        3km    14:15.41    4:45.14


    Optionally, it may also be interesting to get the 5 km splits  & 21.1km split , which marathons runners

    seem to also be interested in looking to see who their split time look like ...

    but it may be too much to ask in one go Smile



      I also think it would be highly useful for us to be able to parse GPS'd runs or races into whatever splits we'd like (like you can do on Sporttracks).  If RA had this feature, I could delete Sportracks from my computer as I use RA for everything else.

        I thought of an idea a couple of weeks ago on how to improve the viewing of GPS data which would cover what you suggested.  It's nontrivial so I'll lump everything in in the next round of map upgrades.