How long to train for a half-marathon? (Read 122 times)


    I just returned to running after taking 4 years off for college. My training as you can assume is no where near where it use to be. With that being said I wanted to know how long it takes to train just to finish a half-marathon in under 3 hrs? There is one coming up in March and I would like to run it since it would be my first half and it fairly cheap compared to the races around my area. Thanks a lot for your help.


      When I was around 50 years old and had not run for years, and was 40 lbs over-weight, I trained for 2-3 weeks with a couple of runs per week and then walk-jogged  through 13.1 miles on a flat course in about 2:18. That's the only time in my life I've ever taken more than 2 hours to complete 13.1 miles. So based on my experience and the fact that you are apparently much younger than I, I think two weeks of two runs per week ought to be enough for you considering your goal time of sub-3 hours.


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        Yup, pretty much what Cecil said; you can almost fast-walk a half in under 3 hours, so very little training would be necessary.  Now if you want to run it in under 2 hours, I'd say at least 3 months of good solid LSD training would be necessary to safely complete the half at that pace.

        Fat old man PRs:

        • 1-mile (point to point, gravity assist): 5:50
        • 2-mile: 13:49
        • 5K (gravity assist last mile): 21:31
        • 5-Mile: 37:24
        • 10K (first 10K of my Half Marathon): 48:16
        • 10-Mile (first 10 miles of my Half Marathon): 1:17:40
        • Half Marathon: 1:42:13

          Thanks a lot for your replies. I'm going to start training and see how I feel a in about a month and go from there.