Summary page (almost) blank (Read 133 times)

    So I am having an almost reverse effect.  I am using IE8 at work, and prior to today I couldnt see anything on my summary page.  It was completely blank, not sure why.  I never was able to figure it out.  I had figured it was some security measure on java or something that my IT group here had put on our systems.


    But today, I can see my summary page.  It does look like it might be cut off a little on the right hand side of the screen.


    Also, I couldnt post to the message boards yesterday either, but today I seem to be able to do that fine as well.





    I don't think the two are related.  I loaded the previous version of the site using IE8 and everything displayed, although not as pretty.  I'm glad that it's working for you again though.


    eric Smile

      Working for me now.

        I'm back to normal.




          Back to normal for the summary page.


          Haven't uploaded anything new recently,so don't know about the other problem.


          Thanks Eric for the reactivity, and for this great tool overall.

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            I'm having this same problem. I just logged in for the first time since Monday, and only have a few widgets to the left.  My graphs in the middle and on the right are gone, and I don't see the add widgets button anymore.  I logged off and back on, restarted, etc., but they haven't come back yet.

            One day at a time

              I created a "Weight vs. Pace" graph that worked fine last week.  Now when I try to open it, it shows, "No Data."

                Hi jackdyl11,

                I am unable to reproduce the problem.  Which browser are you using?


                eric Smile

                  Hi Teresa,

                  There was a bug introduced by the latest batch of updates.  I have fixed the problem and will deploy the fix later tonight.


                  eric Smile


                    Ok, now its working.

                    One day at a time

                      Thanks, Eric!  Working well now.  I'm hoping to find that my pace quickens as I lose weight.  I'm lugging around an extra 30 pounds right now.  Blech.