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    I have some questions about running and I hope to get some advice here. Thanks in advance guys Smile


    1) How many times a week must I run and how fast should I run for a beginner runner to see result? My threshold pace is currently 7min per km. for 2.4km, my average timing is currently 15min30sec.


    2) How many months would I take to hit a sub 11min timing for 2.4km? assuming slow to normal growth and not physically talented for running.


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      You are getting caught up in a lot of numbers and goals already. When starting to run, you will develop cardio a lot faster than your body's soft tissue (ligaments, tendons, etc) will adjust to the impact of running. Generally, around RA, the most common advice for runners is Mostly Easy, Sometimes Hard. Don't be running hard every run hard and trying to set records.


      When you say threshold pace, I'm not sure what you mean. Is that your best time? Is that your easy pace? Mostly easy means majority of your runs should be at conversational pace. Can you speak in short sentences reasonably comfortably?


      How fast you improve depends on what sort of shape you are in to start and how consistent you are with running. A lot of people here started running with Couch to 5k which is a 3x a week program that will build you up to that distance. How many days a week are you running? Do you run the same thing every time?

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        Start with 2-3 easy runs a week ,once a week run the middle of the run hard.

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          Run consistently, minimum 3 and better 4 times per week


          Make one of those runs longer.


          Run all of this easy, heart rate should be 180- your age and lower if you aren't in shape or have health problems.


          Increase your weekly mileage by about 10-15% at the most, and increase your individual runs like your long run no more than 20% each week.


          Once you get to 15-20 miles /WK start throwing in some faster strides here and there and come back for speed advice.



          Good luck , have fun, avoid injury!

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