Garmin Forerunner 45 Data Issue? (Read 30 times)


    Hi Everyone - has anyone found that their Garmin 45 (or other Garmin products) are not reporting all data?  I am looking at the Garmin Connect website. This has happened a couple of times to me since the last Garmin update a couple of weeks ago, so I assume it is a bug.  Yesterday I went for an early morning run - the workout was recorded with no problem.  Took off my Garmin to shower and allow it to sync/charge, then put it back on before heading off to coach at a track meet.  At the track meet, I know the Garmin was recording my steps because I received a notification that I hit my goal for steps for the day.  I had my Garmin all on the rest of the day then slept with it on.  Went to bed around 9:30pm.


    I woke up this morning around 5:30am and went for my morning run.  Synced the data and I only have data from 12:01am onward.  All the data from my last run - all my movement at the track meet yesterday - the number of steps, heart rate, stress level, etc - all of that is blank after my workout yesterday.  But at 12:01am, my Garmin started recording my heart rate again, the body charge graph was started over, and the number of steps started again.  It said I slept for 5 hours 28 minutes, but I was clearly asleep many hours before 12:01am.


    Is there a known bug?  Or any way for me to get that other data?  I know it has to be there because I received the notification yesterday that I hit my goal for steps, which is over 12000, but the total number of steps recorded yesterday and showing on Garmin Connect is under 10000 - in essence, just my run yesterday.

      I have the Garmin Forerunner35 and all my data seems to be there. Note I also have the data automatically imported to STRAVA and my RA log. I suspect the issue has to do with the update which must have erased your data or made it inaccessible. I never do the updates to Garmin Express myself because my computer is a bit wonky and Garmin Express will not open for me after an update. I suggest going to the Garmin site and look for technical help.

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        Got it - thanks for the feedback