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    Hello. Ran a race yesterday, and have come out of it with something of an injury. Injury too strong a word, perhaps, as it seems pretty mild, but something is definitely wrong. I have a small bump on my leg just above my shin and below my knee. To be clear, everyone has it, not just me. I assume it is the top of the bone that makes up my shin. Well, I feel mild pain/discomfort when I step with my leg, right at that bump. Mostly it hurts when I go up/down stairs, and if I step on uneven ground a bit. The pain is definitely at that bump, and below the actual knee area. The spot is mildly sensitive to touch. I've had this pain before, last year in the same spot, but it occurred after I began playing (indoor) volleyball. I attributed it then to my jumping and landing on my knees which weren't used to it, but it always went away within a day or two of playing, and eventually stopped occurring altogether. This time is different in that it was just me running in a race, not jumping or anything. It was a big crowd, so there was some weaving at the beginning of the race, but certainly no jumping. Any ideas what this could be? It almost feels like I might have bruised the bone or something. Is that possible? Is there something else that is in that area that could be wrong? Ideas on what I can do to prevent this occurring/healing faster? Thanks for any insight!


      My first assumption with any pains around the knee area are that there is something wrong with the shoes. How many miles do you have in them?

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        I just switched shoes a little while ago, and have 50 miles on the new pair. The new pair is same brand and line (slightly updated) as the old ones, which had about 350 miles on them. Never had any issues while in the old pair. I did have some shin splint issues when I first got these shoes, but they went away after about a week (I normally get in about 15 miles a week).

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          sounds like the exact thing/pain I had. It was an overuse injury called Chondromalacia (irriated kneecap) Pain went away when I bought this Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Got it for $13.99 at a CVS...took the pain away! Ran 10 miles with no pain on Sat Dave

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            I've been dealing with the same injury for about the past 3-4 months now. It's been getting better slowly. You might have patellar tendonitis. It's also known as "jumper's knee". Check out this webside - sportsinjuryclinic.net . You may have to search this site, but they have extensive info. on patellar tendonitis. I've been treating mine with ice after every run, massage, and stretching. It's taking time (probably because I don't rest it as much as I should), but getting better. Another thing you might want to be careful about is a possible stress fracture. I actually had this happen to me in the exact area you mentioned when I was about 19 years old. Dr. told me that my bones were growing faster than the tendons and muscles in my legs. The patellar tendon was pulling away from the bone, thus weakening it, causing a small hairline fracture about 3/4 of an inch into the top of my tibia (I think the shin bone is the tibia?) Dr. said that it's just not a growing injury and anyone can get it. I wouldn't worry about this yet as you probably just have a touch of tendonitis. The webiste I mentioned also has treatment options for tendonitis. Good luck, Chris
              Thanks guys. It definitely seems like maybe a mild case of patellar tendonitis. Hopefully not the patellar tendinopathy, which sounds worse to me. The symptoms sound spot on, and it matches with having been worse during indoor volleyball, where the jumping and changing directions quickly also happens alot. Also, when I started indoor volleyball was when I noticed it that first time, and it went away after like 5 weeks of playing, but one thing I didn't really think about was that a couple weeks into the indoor season I got knee pads, which probably served the same purpose as the supports shown on that web site. Still, I'm rather sad it showed up during normal running activity. I'll try icing it, taking a couple advil, and consider getting a strap support like the one njdave referenced. Hopefully it was just because I ran too hard after a little time off, and it won't recur in the future. Thanks for the info, guys!
                I'll try icing it, taking a couple advil, and consider getting a strap support like the one njdave referenced. Hopefully it was just because I ran too hard after a little time off, and it won't recur in the future.
                I had the same problem late last year and I also got a knee strap which helped eliminate the pain. After a while, I read somewhere that it's a not good idea to depend on the strap as it will become a crutch and doesn't really address the real problem. In my case, I think the problem was my shoes. I was running in the wrong type of shoe. I went to a running store and got properly fitted. Once I got the new shoes, I gradually stopped using the strap over a 2 week period and now I don't have any knee problems at all. This was back in January



                  Hi, from what you say it could be one or more of three conditions. 1. Patella Tendonitis/ tendonopathy is the same thing (as jumpers knee). Does'nt normally cause a lump per say, just swelling and pain. 2.Osgood schlatters disease, this is a swelling at the part of the tibia where the patella tendon inserts and occurs when there is imflamation there. It is a condition of teenagers and so if you are older is unlikely. It is essentially harmless and self limiting. It isn't really a stress fracture. 3.infra-patella bursitis. The fat pad that protects the patella tendon and below the knee cap could be inflamed.common on people who kneel a lot. Hope this helps you pinpiont which one you could be suffering with.