5K race track workout (Read 82 times)

Jogger bobby

    The workout went well. The pace is not hard but the workout is a good challenge because of the relatively short recoveries. I like the challenge of the 200m efforts at the end, which feel hard because of the fatigue, but are short. It's nice to put in some 90% sprint work, I used to do much more of that til last year when, following the advice of this board, increased my weekly miles and dropped from 2 hard days a week, which always included one sprint-ish workout, to 1, which I alternate track and road tempo.


    I don't know if I'm literally in 7:20 5k shape but the training last night felt good, so I'll go with it for now.

    Born: 1973

    Marathon PR: 3:44 (2000)

    5k PR: 22:02 (2022)

    1 mile PR: 6:09 (2022)



    5k - 21:42

    Mile - 5:59

    400m - 1:10


      Why guess at your current 5K fitness?  Especially when you think you are in much better shape than your PR?  I would find a 5K, race it, and KNOW. Then train based on that result and no faster.