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    I ran cross country for 5 years--I started at the end of middle school and ran until I graduated from high school. I had a lot of trouble sticking with it in the off-season, probably because I need a team or a coach-type to harass me. I'm in my mid-20s now, and I haven't kept up a running program for more than 3 weeks at a stretch since I graduated from high school. I was recently persuaded by a friend to run a 10K on March 31, 2007. I know I have plenty of time, but I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions (or maybe just encouragement) for a girl who hasn't really been a runner in a long time. For one, how do I start? And how can I help myself stick with it?
      Hi, Thursday! Welcome back to running! There are lots of ways to start... probably almost as many as there are people! A lot of it depends on what kind of condition you are in to start with. There are a number of good beginners programs that take someone, over a period of a couple of months, from being able to walk a half hour to being able to run a half hour. I'd love it if Eric were to put a list of these out somewhere on a FAQ page {hint, hint} when he has the time. Meanwhile, here are the ones I'm aware of: Higdon: does have something to sell, but puts the bones of his programs out there for free on the internet. This is a walk/run program. check out: http://www.halhigdon.com/beginrunner/intro.htm Galloway: again, something to sell, but puts stuff out there. He advocates a run/walk program and has helped a lot of people run/walk longer distances like marathons. check out http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/index.html Runners' World Magazine: has a 10 week program for beginners and a lot of other things on-line. Check out: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,5033,s6-51-184-0-2201,00.html Coolrunning: massive, free webcommunity. Has a training log but it's nowhere as nice as this one. They have "Couch to 5K" programs. check out: www.coolrunning.com The best things you can do for yourself at this point probably include setting a closer goal... how about a 5K in 3 or 4 months?... and making the running fun. "Fun" means different things to different people. Do you like running with music? Got an I-pod? (By the way, if you like techno, there's a great website with download mixes just for runners at www.djsteveboy.com) Do you like running with other people? There's probably a running club near you. Our local running club puts together a beginning women's running class every year, and it's tremendously popular. Do you like hiking along nature trails? They're a fun place to run too! Like to be part of a web community and get support and feedback? Keep posting and we'll keep cheering for you! Biggest thing? Make it fun for you so you'll keep coming back to it. Consistancy and gradual improvement are the way to go. Welcome back! Janell

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        Welcome back! Here's a couple things that work for me - cause 4 years ago I was doing great and then the winter happened... so take these and try what works! *get a running buddy and build a schedule... if you don't show or cancel put money in the pot! *sign up for a running event each month and tell everyone you know you're doing it (you'll do it - even if you walk!) *look at the local running stores for running groups and commit to being there weekly *think about volunteering at Girls On The Run www.gotr.org - non profit designed to encourage preteen and early teen girls to run and develop a healthy self image.... and you get to run with them! *promise to report back to us - we want you to succeed! Good luck! lisa k
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          Wingz and lisak, thanks for the encouragement and advice. I'm looking for a 5k to enter around September, and now I'm trying to track down someone who would be willing to be a running buddy. It always helped me get out there when my cross country team was depending on me, so I'd be willing to that the same thing would still work. Thanks again for cheering me on--I look forward to doing the same for you! thursday