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    Eric, Have you thought about proviiding color on the calenda? Colors would fill the bolck for a day according to the run.For example, "Run 1" might be designated blue, "Run 2" might be designated yellow and so on. This lets you see at a glance the runs you have done in a month and is pleasing to the eye. Tim
      Tim, I thought of coloring the workout types a while back, but decided not to do it because I haven't figured out how to keep the text visible for all colors (i.e. a yellow background should have dark text, and a blue background should have light text). I think there's a formula for it. Once I find it, I'll add colors to the calendar. eric Smile

        I am also interested in the idea of a color coded calendar. However, I was thinking of it a bit differently, where you could have a color schema for how you felt on a given day. Great days would show up as green, pretty good days blue, medium days yellow, etc. The text could remain black for all of those days and should still be visible. Flotrackr uses a feature like this.

          There's no telling what wacky color coding schemes your users might want. Can you do my biorhythms, meshed with temperature, pace, and current zodiacal positioning?


          I suppose if it's user selectable, it could be fine.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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            I'm color blind. My color-coded calendar could be fun. 

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