Training plan function: 'You entered an invalid date' (Read 28 times)


    Hi everyone,


    I want to sort out a training plan for later on in the year, but when I try to put a start date into the training plan function any later than the 30th April, it keeps bringing up an error message saying 'You entered an invalid date'. Is it just not possible to create a training plan so far in advance, or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks! Smile


      How do you have your date format set up under Options -> Locale?


      M/d/yyyy or M/d/yy

      d/M/yyyy or d/M/yy




        I had the date as DD/MM/YYYY (UK date format).


        I seem to have solved it now, though. It didn't recognise the start date, as the end date was previously inputted as before the start date, which meant it was invalid. Turns out by entering the training plan end date in first, I solved the problem!