Suunto 9 to RunningAHEAD (Read 27 times)

    Any suggestions for a solution to automatically import activities from a Suunto 9 to RunningAHEAD?


    My Suunto 9 data currently uploads to Strava via the Suunto iOS app. I was using https://tapiriik.com/ to pull the activities from Strava into Garmin Connect, which would then appear in RunningAHEAD automatically. However, according to tapiriik.com, there are new limitations in Garmin Connect's API, basically meaning tapiriik can no longer upload activities to my Garmin Connect account.


    One workaround I can use is the RunGap iOS app which allows me to see all my Strava data, and manually push selected activities to Garmin Connect, which in turn transfers to RunningAHEAD. This is a manual process though, and I'd much prefer something automated.


    Any ideas welcome. Thanks in advance for the help!