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You'll ruin your knees!

    Just looking through Eric's "update" posting...I began to ponder this concept... Are there other areas to which we should be able to apply this feature? How about being able to hit the "advanced undo" button when we realize we just ate 3 more pieces of pizza than we could comfortably hold? Hit the "a-u" key right after we let lose those words that result in our being on the receiving end of "the stare" from our significant other? C'mon, where could you use the "a-u" key? Lynn B

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      How about taking the wrong route home (in the car) which leaves you in the middle of a giant traffic jam? ugh. Tongue Or waking up an hour early because you forgot daylight savings time? The pizza one definitely hits close to home...

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        Man...food would be a biggie. I'd also use it after buying something stupid that I end up not liking or using (I have WAY too much $$ software that fits this bill...Dreamweaver MX, Painter IX, etc.). Or after saying those asinine things that have others thinking to themselves "sheesh, what a dumb blonde." Hmmm...college...dual BAs in Photography/Communications and English Lit. were not real marketable (though I had intended to use that English degree to teach HS...but now teaching jobs are non-existent around here and I no longer have the interest, anyhow). I kind of wish I had gone after a Law degree, instead. First guy I dated in HS (now a convicted felon with more felony trials on the horizon)...though I guess I learned quickly what NOT to look for in a mate out of that experience. My hubby could not possibly be more different from my first boyfriend. Wink k

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          Or waking up an hour early because you forgot daylight savings time? ...
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