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Agony of Da Feet (#2867)

    Abdi Abdirahman is trying to decide how to brand himself and opened up logo designs to his fans. There are three finalists, and a friend of mine is one of them. You should go over and vote for your favorite one, and leave a comment about what you think of them. You can see the 3 finalists here: http://www.flocasts.org/flotrack/abdi08.php Voting ends next week. Obviously I'd appreciate you voting for my friend's design, but as it is the only one that is professional, marketable, and easily recognizable I don't think he'll have much trouble winning. So if you like one of the others, by all means vote for that one instead. But I think you'll like my friend's logo the best. Here's a photo of my buddy and Abdi at the Olympic Trials before my friend found out about Ryan Shay dying:

    Run to Win
    24 Marathons, 17 Ultras, 16 States (Full List)

    (wow, been a while since that's been updated...)