Ipod nano sweat issues (Read 1583 times)


    Glad to hear the newer Sennheisers last. I'd tried a set of pmx70's a while ago and sent them back after they died from sweat in three weeks (July in Georgia), but decided to try the newer pmx680i's. I never had an issue with 1st or 2ng gen nano, but this 6th gen I have is fixing to die. It's been holding up better since I started carrying it in the DLA Action Jacket from my old nano, but I see corrosion in the headphone jack and the moisture sensor at the bottom of the hole is tripped. I imagine we'll see a new nano in a month or so, I'm curious what Apple does. It's very annoying that they market the 6th gen for running yet it simply doesn't hold up unless you swaddle it in waterproof bags or similar.

      I have been round and round this whole topic too. My nano died from sweat too. Our local Apple store was EXCEPTIONAL and gave me a new one with no questions at all. But after reading about so many people having the same problem, I didn't want to go there again with the Nano....it's clearly not for sweaters.


      As with all tech gear for running, it seems to always be the balance between cost and function that can be hard to strike. For me though, these Sony combo mp3/earbuds wound up being winners on both fronts.


      Ok, they may not be as cool as those made-up micro buds that Ryan Reynolds put in his ears in Definitely Maybe, but holy cow do they sound good. When I first put them on and pressed play, there's this lady's voice that comes on to give you feedback, saying things like "Play" after you press the play button or "Playlists" when you switch to that feature or "Shuffle all". This will sound dumb, but it sounded like she was speaking to me from a world-class concert hall. Instantly sounded amazing.


      They are also WAY lighter than they look like they would be.


      Nearly all earbuds fall out of my ears when I sweat, but the way these are designed, to put the buds in you have to twist each earbud out a big from their relaxed state and once they are in, they want to twist back to that natural state (which means the buds want to twist toward your inner ear....keeping them in quite nicely).


      I wasn't sure about the no-screen, but I actually prefer it now. I am able to drag a playlist over from iTunes to this device and with a single button, while running, I can toggle between the playlist and all songs. Of course you an skip songs, do shuffle, etc. 


      And the price? Seriously $48 for these things? And virtually waterproof? And no more dangly wires? Nearly perfect for me.


        Both my nanos went on the fritz about a month ago - one wouldn't turn on at all and the other kept cycling on and off for no reason.  I figured water damage may have finally caught up with them - the one I've had for years and the other got absolutely drenched at Boston.  I traded the one that would turn on at all in for a new one but decided to wait the other one out.  Fast forward to this week.  There was an iTunes software update so I thought I would plug in the fritzing nano to see how it was doing.  Synced it and let it charge for a day.  Ran with it this morning and it appears to be fine.  Nanos are zombies.  They never die.  (In my experience).

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          If I were you, I would go with the new iPod Shuffle. It is small, convienient, and designed pretty much for excercise. It has a nice alluminum body design, so there will not be any damage by sweat, since the alluminum is a reliable cover. The good part is, it fits almost everyones budget at $50 and comes with 2GB. This is about 550 songs. It is also very small, a little less than a 25ยข quarter is size. It comes with a built-in clip to it, and is firm, so it wont fall off when you run. You should look into it. The only downside is it does not have a display, but when you are running, why do you need a display? You are not checking anything lol. It also has voice over so you.know the song playing. After all of this...I feel like a salesman -_- anyway, it is just my opinion. Go to apple to see it
            ... unless you swaddle it in waterproof bags or similar.


            Although good quality waterproof bags are a very good idea. As with all things waterproof - the answer is Ortlieb. I have one of these for my 'phone when I'm out hiking, running or cycling in the wet http://ortlieb.de/_prod.php?lang=en&produkt=gpscover - there's no specific hole for a headphone lead, but it works just fine if you just put it through the main opening before folding and sealing.

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              +1 to the shuffle.  I just clip to my bra strap and I've run in all types of weather and it's still working. 

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