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    I'll be 65 in December and just started to jog/run a few months ago. I'm not interested in racing, just fitness and fun. I'm pretty fit, work out with weights 2 or 3 times a week, walk between 3 and 7 miles most days. My doctor said a reasonable goal would be to run for a mile and a half 4x a week in three or four months. 


    So far, I've been doing intervals, mainly because I have to walk after 1-3 minutes of running/jogging.  The in-between walks are from 1-5 minutes, depending on how I feel and how hard I've just been running.


    I haven't been trying to run a specific amount of time, just stop when I get tired, thinking over time I'll increase my aerobic and muscular capacity and I think I have increased the amount of time I can run a bit, but have not been systematically checking.


    I have checked my heart rate, and according to the Karvonen* method, if I've done the arithmetic right, my target heart rate should be between 122.4 and 141.6, and it is mostly in that range, maybe 145 if running very fast and 135 if joggling more slowly, and 120-125 when walking between the runs.  (*www.daily-exercise-tips.com/aerobic-exercise-heart-rate.html),

    I'm wondering if this is the best way to reach my goal of running a mile and a half in three or four months? Although I realize that my capacity at this point may dictate the choices I have.  And, since at least half of my run/walk at this point is walking, can I do these intervals every day or should I take a day off in between?


    Thanks for any guidance.



      I'm another old(er) lady and started who started at age 64 when I got the bright idea I wanted to train got and walk a marathon.  I don't know the Karvonen method, but find my target HR is between 115 and 120.  If I were starting out again, I'd look at the C25K program - Couch to 5K - as a way to transistion to running.  I still do a run/walk (or walk/run) routine, including at the races.  After that first marathon I got hooked.  I lost about 20 pounds in the first 6 months, without doing anything more than a lot of walking and my bone density scans have improved from a minus 3.5 (ostoeporosis) to a minus 2.6 (still osteoporosis but closer to osteopenia).  My doc tells me to keep doing what I'm doing.



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        Hi Rose,


        Wow.  You are inspiring!


        Thanks for recommending Cool Running. It's something I can comfortably do and reassures me that I've been on the right track (pun intended?)




          You absolutely are on track to run 1.5 miles and you are doing it the right way to stay healthy. Just slowly progress. I predict you will be able to do before 3 months. Try to focus on jogging and not running too hard where your HR goes out of whack. The goal is to be able to slowly jog for 1.5 miles. At that point, you can worry about picking up the pace if you so choose. You may find in time you maybe able to do 2-3 miles no problem. Cross that bridge when you come to it. I don't think you have to be crazy worrying about HR but it is fine to monitor as you will see progress which is nice to see i.e. your HR will be lower as your effort and distance improves. Keep at it. Great job!!! 

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