Racine WI Thanksgiving day run (Read 235 times)

    My family did a 5K run/walk to benefit the local food pantry Thanksgiving morning.
    The paper said there were 300 walkers/runners. My jock 16 year old son,who knows nothing about running, came in 17th over all at 21:10. I came in at 24:31,a new personal best by 8 seconds. My Marine son at about 24:50. The others just walked. I'm pretty happy I guess seeing as how this coarse has a few steep hills as it runs right along the Lake Michigan shoreline,as well as a pretty good wind that day.
    I had no idea how I would compare to my sons who ran,seeing as how they had never run in a timed 5K (I've run many). At least I know what I have to do now to TRY to beat my 16 year old.


    Don't call me Buttercup!

      Oh, no! Don't try to beat a 16 year old. You'll only get hurt. LOL   Great job on the new PR - and you beat a Marine! That should count for something. =)

      Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

        Thanks Di.

        I know I'll never beat the 16 year old,but it will give me something to shoot for!