Pace vs speed for walks (Read 590 times)

    Am I right that in workouts in the column pace, the numbers for walks are rather speed, not pace? I am getting pace of 4:14 for a 20 minute 1.4 mile walk. Pretty fast, isn't it? Ewa
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      This looks like a bug to me. It's interesting that only your "walks" were affected. The rest of the entries seem fine. I don't think you're putting anything in wrong, so my guess is "bug."

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        I'm pretty sure with walking that 4:14 is miles per hour, not min/mile. That's how I always interpret my walks as opposed to runs.
          Only runs are expressed as pace while everything else is speed. If you look at the pace column carefully, it's actually 4.14 (which is miles per hour) and not 4:14 (minutes per mile).