hey my summary running graph went wacky (Read 637 times)

    hey if someone can help my summary graph kinda went weird and added a new run for the 19th of this month (april) but only that hasnt come yet so can anyone maybe help me to understand what happened and give me an idea of how to fix it cuz it wont show up in workouts so i can delete it either? -Matt
      trakm90, I looked at your log using the Calendar tab and saw an entry for the 19th of April. If that was unintentional, you can click on it (through the calendar view) and then click delete on the view run entry page that comes up. If you made a mistake, you can click on the edit link to correct any errors. Hope this helps! eric Smile

        why didn't it show up in his workouts though? i see it on the calendar but not under workouts.
          You can call that a bug. Basically, his workout lists only display workouts on or before today. The graphing code was rather old, and when I wrote it, I didn't think anyone would enter events in the future.

            ok i see that makes sense. thanks.