What is the ("Bleep")iest thing you have had happen while running? (Read 394 times)

Princess Cancer Pants

    Grade 2 sprain only 2ish miles into my legs of a trail relay...I continued to run nearly 10 more miles.  That was fun.

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      ---  Funny, I have been stalked a couple times when running after work almost dark, by dudes in trucks.  Only one thing that confuses me though that makes it even more odd... I'm a dude!


      Haven't you seen "pulp fiction"? Seriously, there are some messed up people out there.

        this thread is making me sad about the state of humanity. Why are people (and geese....and stuff lying in the way....and teenage boys) so rude/antisocial/scary? I think we need a happy thread to balance it out.

        Haven't you seen "pulp fiction"? Seriously, there are some messed up people out there.

        Maggie & Molly

          I've had to stop dead in my tracks because a flock of geese decided to block the road.  Seriously, they would start to 'attack' if I tried to go through.  After a few minutes they finally left and I went on my way.  (cars and everything were just sitting there for a bit)


          almost run over by an 18 wheeler taking a left handed turn.  He figured he was bigger than me I guess.


          On have to say I haven't really gotten the nasty teenager stuff, thankfully, I have gotten a lot of "you go Mamma" type comments from the teens that frequent my roadways.  that always makes me smile.

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          HF 4363

            True story (I'm still getting over it):



              I was running in a 5k in Asheville NC.  We ran by Carrier Park and a woman was hanging dead from a tree. Over 1000 runners gasp together

                I don't think anyone is gonna top that one.


                  I trip over my dog about twice a year. Blush  She gets freaked out by my headlamp sometimes and just stops right in front of me..I trip over her, then she sits down and looks at me like I'm nuts for being sprawled out on the sidewalk.


                    I run at night sometimes always with my shepherd. Anyways I'm going along and this dark beat up car goes creeping past. Then turns around on a side street and comes back toward me. I was trying to not freak out when they rolled down the window and stopped. there were 2 guys and a girl.  The driver said something along the lines of  my cousin's looking for a date. I looked at them funny and he said we are having a debate. You aren't from around here are you?  I replied yes I am. Dude "what's your name?" I said "I'm (dh's) wife. They got all flustered. Apologized and drove off. I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved. it was the strangest conversation.  Thankfully never had anything thrown at me but I'm attacked daily by other dogs.


                    Slower than I look

                      Three events come to mind.


                      1) My buddy and I were running down a paved trail through a wooded area when what appeared to be an extremley large house cat strolled out onto the path in front of us.  We both stopped in our tracks becase it kind of just squared up and stared at us.  We then realized it was far too large to be a house cat; it was a mean looking Bobcat.  Then another one slinked across the trail and it gave us a low warning growl before slowing moving back off into the woods.


                      2) We nicknamed the path from #1 "Snake Path" due to the high probability of seeing all kinds of snakes on it after heavy rains.  Also, those big yellow and black spiders (we called them banana spiders) liked to build webs across the path at about sholder height and would be tough to see sometimes.  So we had two warning calls; "SNAKE!" & "SPIDER!".  You were supposed to jump for the former and duck for the latter which saved us from danger on many occasions.  We would often debate what might happen if a snake & spider occupied the same territory of our running path though we never got to find out.


                      3) I was running down the Las Vegas strip area this past January at about 5am.  A visibly intoxicated man came stumbling out of a casino in front of me wearing a full suit, tie, loafers, etc.  When he saw me he started screaming "Woohoo! Running! Wooooooh!" and began running next to me waving his arms and pumping his fists in the air like he was about to win a race.  Not wanting to raise his drunken ire, I joined in with the screaming and fist pumping.  He kept up with me for like a tenth of a mile before stumbling over and vomiting.


                        The broken/sprained ankle that I gave myself last Saturday, courtesy of a sneaky ice patch.  Looks a whole lot like zoom-zoom's picture up there.


                        I've never been harassed, thank goodness, by people or animals.

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                        Bacon Party!

                          I got mooned from a passing pick-up this weekend while running an ultra. The runner next to me at the time didn't see it, but I'm pretty sure it was not an hallucination.


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                            I was running in a 5k in Asheville NC.  We ran by Carrier Park and a woman was hanging dead from a tree. Over 1000 runners gasp together




                            Right in the neighborhood, coming up at night to a parked car and a couple was up against it in flagrante delicto, that was cute.


                            Have been charged a couple times by dogs and yelling at them has always worked quickly, until last weekend, when I had to stop, yell and walk repeatedly at a couple of big ranch dogs who had gotten out and wouldn't leave me alone. I tried my pepper spray but they stayed just out of range. Might have to get a more serious pepper-spray dispenser.

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                              ---Chased by a Zombie?



                              Kinda!  On a ridge near my house, 1500 ft above and several miles from civilization, at 8:30 am on a foggy, misty February AM, I crossed path's with a guy who had apparently spent the night in the woods picking and eating wild shrooms. Dressed in nothing but cotton boxers.    He was acting pretty threatening so I circled around and called 911.  Turns out a sheriff was already on the way up the hill as the zombie had threatened some MTBers also.

                              Maggie & Molly

                                oh yeah, I forgot about the woman who was walking in the opposite direction from me.  She was wearing a wrap of some sort and sandels.  As I passed her she turned around and started to run with me.  Never said a word.  She was little and much older so didn't stay with me long but it was so strange.  I've never seen her again.

                                 "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
                                Wisdom of Confucius

                                HF 4363