Finally qualified for Boston (Read 175 times)

    Ran the race of my life (so far) today in the St. George Marathon.  3:07:21


    Just wanted to give a shout out to all the posters on this board that have provided such excellent knowledge and support over the past couple of years.  You were all correct when you repeatedly enforced that it is all about getting the weekly mileage up to the 60-70 MPW range.


    This was my 6th marathon and it was a 12 minute PR.


    Thanks again!

    2016 Goals

    2000 miles

    Get ready for my 2nd Boston Marathon

    No race goals, just stay healthy and work on flexibility and strength. 


      Awesome job...Nice work.


      12 inutes is huge!



        Bill Wagnon / stl


          Congratulations on the huge PR and on the BQ!

          delicate flower

            Great job, Rick!  Congratulations!


            Bacon Party!

              Congratulations! Smile


              (time to update your signature!)


              pace sera, sera

                Great accomplishment, Rick. Nice job on making your dream real.

                Keep going!Cool


                Ludwig Classic Maple

                  That's a great time, congratulations!

                  Marathon PR: 3:25:35 Fall Classic, 2014

                  1/2 Marathon PR: 1:35:59, Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon, 2014



                    The Irreverent Reverand

                      Congratulations! Great time. You should feel proud.

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                      PRs: 3:27 marathon; 1:41 half; 45:07 10K; 23:26 5K; 6:02 mile; <12 parsecs Kessel Run

                        WTG Rick!  You got a well-earned BQ!

                        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.



                          That's some serious bookin'!

                            Great job. Congrats

                            Run, Walk, Crawl, just Finish.

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                              This was my 6th marathon and it was a 12 minute PR.


                              Thanks again!


                              WOW !      that's incredible !    great job!

                                A 12-minute PR in your 6th marathon is no joke. Congrats!

                                Runners run.