Drunk and going to run a marathon? (Read 380 times)


    The real challenge is finding a way to stay drunk throughout the race.


    There's always Le Marathon du Medoc:


    "The course for the Médoc Marathon in Bordeaux reads like a wine list. Château Beychevelle, Château Gruaud-Larose and Château Lafite Rothschild all ornament the route and provide libations. That's right, wine is served at the water stops. First prize is the winner's weight in grand crus."

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    Dream Maker

      I've never gotten to the starting line of a marathon or ultra drunk, but I have made it to the finish line with a good buzz going....


      I have been hungover at the start of a marathon.  That was miserable.


      /Contrary to how this makes me sound, I only drink a few times a year.



      Dream Maker

        If you are just running it and not racing it, it's not really a big deal.  The whole thing is just a big party at that point anyways.


        Well, I can't comment too much... I did have a PR in a half-marathon after drinking 3 beers the night before.. (Kind of alot for me).  but not my usual routine.  Usually I drink the beers After the race.  (Like today! Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon in VA :-)


        But... Arriving at the race intoxicated and with the knowledge that alcohol dehydrates you... Seems either:

        1)  Pretty dang Dangerous, or

        2)  An almost guaranteed way to be really hating life at the very least by mile 18....


        ---I have seen some 'gettogethers' on the night before race where folks were out n town drinking hard alcohol into the early morning hours...  I don't get it.  It is kind of putting the cart before the horse.  :-)




        crazy diamond


          The common theme I'm seeing is WI... (my home state and Lakefront was my first marathon)


          When you say WISCONSIN ... you've said it all!


          I also volunteered at Lakefront yesterday, working the merchandise booth located next to the beer tappers.  Busiest spot on the grounds!

          12 Monkeys

            Speaking of drinking and running, this video of the world record setting (unofficial) beer mile is inspiring:




            That was awesome.


            The drinking was pretty impressive too.


              When you say WISCONSIN ... you've said it all!



              "Come smell our dairy air!"


              Grew up, but never ran in WI.