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    So most of my company takes today and the rest of the week off but I decided to go make some sales calls. Around 11:30 I say well I worked way to go geoff now I am going to see if I can find some shoes on sale. First stop DSW in rivergate for the nashvegas people. They have a bunch of shoes 30 to 50 % off. I end up picking up a pair of Asic gel 1100 for $49 the 1110 where 64.99. I am pretty happy about that purchase. Next stop is Ross dress for less in Hendersonville. As I am looking around what do I find? Gel 1100's for 29.95. If anyone is a 11.5 they have a pair just waiting for you to pick them up. I think they had a 9 and 10 as well but not positive. I was planning on trying out the brooks radius 6's if I could find a place to try them on but how can you say no to a pair of 30 and 50 $ shoes? Anyway I think I am hot shit for finding these shoes on sale and wanted to share. Now I can wait until someone has a big sale on the radius 6's and I will be good to go.
      Dude. Nice info. I'm going shopping. Any idea how long the sales last?
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        For future shopping purposes please take this information into account. Almost every store has their day after thanksgiving sales set up and already running on the day before thanksgiving. My father is who got me started in the running scene, he has run as long as I can remember. He swears by shopping for shoes on the day before Thanksgiving. I called him up to tell him about my luck and he just laughed because he was at the same places an hour earlier doing the same thing. He couldn't find good deals on his size though Sad darn size 13's. As I keep talking to him he lets me know he is retiring a pair of brooks radius's today and he only has one back up pair left and to keep my eyes open for good deals on size 13's so I ask him what his kind of shoe his last pair is and he doesn't know so he goes and looks. Pulls out the box to find a pair of asic GT 2100 that he paid $40 for on 11/22/05 a year ago today on the money. I am always looking for good deals on shoes what it really comes down to is making regular stops at stores because you never know what you are going to find. JK if I was you and you had time I would go shopping today...the day after the selection will be much smaller than today they might run out of your size by the time you get there.

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          I just bought a pair of full priced Saucony Triumphs at Team Nashville. Happy to support them, but it was a chunk of change. This is the new model, so no discounts. But they are black and shiny gold, perfect for a Vandy guy like me! I may take them for a spin tormorrow.


            you will have to tell me how you like those. I like what I have read about those and the radius 6