Racing in the cold (Read 203 times)


    Duke & Kevin - Speedy races, both of you!  Congrats!


    My lungs actually felt alright. I was worried about my legs not working well in the cold but it didn't prove to be a problem.


      I had a half marathon cancelled yesterday due to ice and snow.  Although it wasn't cold yesterday so the cold wouldn't have been a problem.  However next weekend I have another half marathon and the temperature may be below zero for it.  That will slow things down a bit because of the extra clothing but the worst thing for a race like that is waiting around for the race to  start.  As long as the wind isn't too strong the temperature won't be a problem once I am running.


        depends on the length of the race and what I decide to wear.  Up to a marathon high 30s, low 40s, singlet, shorts + gloves (Assuming not strong winds)

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