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One day at a time

    DS16 went down with some other boys from Maine to run in this championship 5k meet in Virginia today. I barely got him to the airport yesterday morning in the big ice storm. Somehow the plane got off the ground. While I was taking him, our power went off. It was off all day today, too, so I couldn't find out the results of the meet. The phone numbers of the chaperones were on my computer, so I couldn't even call anyone to find out what happened. The power finally came back on, and I learned that his team won their division (16-year-olds). It wasn't even close - their team scored 53 points, and second place was 95 points. DS finished 19th out of 213 boys, in 16:38. Not close to a PR, so he will be annoyed at himself. He came in 4th for his team, but he managed to beat the Class B Maine champion by a second, so he will be happy about that. I can't believe his team won! He will be on cloud nine. On to indoor track season now.


      Nice! I hadn't checked the 16 year old results; I'd only looked at the bantam boys results! The scarborough kids (9-10 year olds) got 8th! Will definitely be writing about the results on my site later when I have a spare moment. (Right now I'm undoing all the damage I did this morning to my company's sql server...ack, not what I wanted to spend the day doing.)

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