Training trashed; need informed, experienced advice! (Read 1490 times)


    So how did it go??



    Not well.


    Race time game plan was to run easy without keeping track of my pace. No time goal, just easy running. Of course I would have an idea of my pace with the gun time clocks every mile. Windy, cloudy day with temp around 50 at the start rising to low 60's. At the half I was runnng just under 4:40 pace and I felt good enough to make the decision to gradually pick up the pace.According to my Garmin I picked up the pace about 5 secs each on miles 14 & 15. But mile 15 featured a major hill and on the downhill side my left knee began to holler. At the mile mark I decided to revert to my easy run tactic and see how the knee held up. There was another big hill in mile 16 and the knee didn't like the down hill again. I was actually having to slow down on the down hills. From there on out my pace deteriorated. Heart rate was fine but the legs were shot. Two or three times I tried to pick up the pace and stay with a runner that was passing me and every time the legs felt like they were on the verge of cramping and I backed off. Downhills became brutal and the last four miles the legs were simply shot and in order to finish I alternated every minute of running with a minute of walking. Memphis has a stadium finish and there is a steep 150 yd ramp from the street to the stadium entrance. I walked up the ramp & it was all I could do to jog into the stadium and cross the finish. 5:18:22. Ouch. A far cry from the 3:59:59 I was aiming for when I started training in June.


    What I learned: The moderate mileage plan provided by the Master Run Coach program did not have a broad enough base to allow for 6 very disrupted sub par weeks of training at the end. My legs just were not in shape for the pounding 26.2 delivers. If I ever have this experience again where race day arrives and I know my training has been sub par, I will not go to the start line. The marathon is just too tough to tackle with inadequate training.


    I've run Memphis twice now. It is very well organized and a great atmosphere. Running for St. Jude Children's Hospital is a great cause & I would recommend this race to anybody. But I'm looking for something closer and flatter for my next marathon.


      Ugh!  I admire your determination to get out there much less finish.  That was painful to read.  I hope your knee isn't too banged up now.  Take care of yourself. 


      I think your work in Haiti trumps the negative race experience.  Surely the timing and training for the next marathon will be better.  Best to plan the next one during a time when you aren't engaged in charitable works.  Smile