iPad weight lifting or stenght workout apps? (Read 23 times)

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    I normally use Fitbuddy, which is a very nice weight lifting log, almost perfect but I waste a lot of time setting up routines and searching for the right workout so that I keep procrastinating on my weight training ending up doing some half-assed sessions and giving it up completely as soon as my running volume goes a bit height.


    I recently used a bodyweight app that was quite good, called exactly that "Bodyweight" which offers a series of programs and workout builders. And while I still use this for plyometrics  I am whoever interested in free weights.


    What  I want is something which offers routines so that I can get to work immediately and a tracker / times which should keep track of weight, reps, sets and rest time.\, preferably focusing on dumbbells / home gym.


    I have already tried a few, including the Men's Heatlh one but this crashes all the time and has many shortcomings.


    Thanks for your advice!

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