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    Hi Eric, Great site! The only thing I "missed" was the possibility to schedule trainings. Till I discovered the "Events". The training schedule is even nicely displayed in the calendar. One suggestion: can you add a button to print the Calendar? I'd love to have a printed version of my planning as an eye-catcher. Also convenient for some quick notes. When using the print button of my browser, the complete webpage is printed and does not fit on one page. Regards, Xando
      Hi Xando, I'm neck deep with adding cross training right now. I'll add printing for you after I'm done with this, which should be in about 1.5 months. Since you requested this, how would you want it? I could think of couple of ways of displaying it, such as a monthly calendar view, or one workout per line. I'm open to suggestions. I'll add training schedule some time next year (which isn't too far away). eric Smile

        Hi Eric, A monthly calendar view would be great. The same as the Calendar on the website. With some white space for remarks or to even write down the time and the weight. I don't always switch the computer on after a run and my memory... Undecided Xando
          Xando, Until I add printing support, you can change the page orientation in your printer settings from "Portrait" to "Landscape". The calendar prints fine using landscape. eric Smile