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Princess Cancer Pants

    Heh, not only are runners passionate about running...many of us have refrigerators in strange parts of our houses. But I think Jeff has it worst living under the same roof as his MIL. I'd need 24/7 sedation if I had to live under those circumstances...either that or I'd HAVE to start training for a marathon (or maybe some ultras) to get my ass out of the house! Wink k

    '17 Goals:

    • Chemo

    • Chemo-Radiation

    • Surgery

    • Return to kicking my own ass by 2018


    She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

    ~ Unknown

      She was only with us for a month. And she's a sweet lady...though a two-bedroom, one bath house with a fridge in the living room did get a bit cozy...
        wow. Shocked that is just amazing!
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        Imminent Catastrophe

          I'm already excited about the 2008 Olympic Marathon.

          "Able to function despite imminent catastrophe"

           "To obtain the air that angels breathe you must come to Tahoe"--Mark Twain

          "The most common question from potential entrants is 'I do not know if I can do this' to which I usually answer, 'that's the whole point'.--Paul Charteris, Tarawera Ultramarathon RD.


          √ Javelina Jundred Jalloween 2015

          Cruel Jewel 50 mile May 2016

          Western States 100 June 2016