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    Hi everyone, My marathon last month was the first race in which I only watched my heart rate for the whole race. I tried not to pay too much attention to my pace. It was a marathon and if you use the 220-age max heart rate rule, I ran at an average of 84% of my max. My question is what should you try to keep your heart rate at for a marathon? I am wondering if I should be pushing it harder since it is a race. I probably should have posted this question sooner as my next race is tomorrow. Smile But, I am aiming for a 1/2 or whole every month so I will have more opportunities to get this right. I just got a heart rate monitor for xmas so heart rate training and such is all brand new to me. I would love any advice you guys have for me. Smile Thanks everyone! Rebecca
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      Hi Rebecca, Although I have a heart rate monitor, I rarely use it during a race. I wore it during a half marathon last year, and my heart rate was at around 80% for much of the race, until I decided to pick it up towards the end. I would presume that the longer the distance in a race, the lower is your heart rate. I don't think there's a rule of thumb for what percentage of the max you should be at. I've learned to adjust my pace by feel, and I only use the HRM for fun nowadays. I don't think I helped, but good luck at your race today! eric Smile
        Thanks Eric! I am still getting used to using it and just wondered what others do. For my race yesterday, I pushed it pretty hard for the first 17 miles. My heart rate was up around 85% to 90%. That might explain why I ran out of gas at 21.5. Well, I figure the only way to really know what will work for me is to try a bunch of different mini experiments and see what happens. Smile