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    First off, I want to thank you for helping me transfer several years of CR data to the RA site. Im another CR refugee who is enjoying the site and trying to settle into my new surroundings. With the start of the new year I noticed that my running log summary reset to 2008. Is there any way to alter or modify how the running log displays total miles for the year, (or month)? Is it possilble to review highlights of previous years? This morning while entering a new run it occured to me that I wanted to review my running log for the past few years and could not find a way to look at a summary of total miles for the year(s). I wanted to compare total miles for 2007 with 2006 (or others) to see if my overall training has changed. Is it possible to display this historic summary? If possible I would likely be interested in tracking total miles/ year, average pace, average HR and weight. Thanks


    Neil Gunn

    Gandalf the Grey

      Hi Labhiker This idea has already been mentioned a few times in other threads ... I suspect that Eric has this on his 'to-do' list when the log re-vamp is ready ... not sure of timing but he has been busy with the holiday period and the influx of new RA users! I guess, as usual, when the re-vamped log is available that we, the users, will be very impressed. Welcome to RA, Neil UK Smile

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