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Just Happy to Run

    My Forerunner 305 finally arrived yesterday!!! Here's a picture of my first run with it: First Run! Ya... I was too excited to even take the time to get it out of its box... Blush Big grin

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      Wow that's one of the funnier things I've seen first thing in the morning :P I love my 305 besides the bad watch tan it's leaving me with, even though I switch hands and slide it farther up my arm and such =(

        thats friggin funny Big grin

        Princess Cancer Pants

          Hahahaha!!! Big grin

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          I fly.

            You mean you are supposed to take it out of the box? Oh man!

            Bring it on.

              Dat's a good vun !






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                  good idea, because if you fall, you don't want to scratch it up.
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                    I could have saved you some money if you just wanted the box.

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                      hahahaha that was pretty funny.

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                        that was good. I had to forward to some running friends.

                        Now that was a bath...

                          Big grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grin
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                            The box isn't that much bigger than the watch, anyway!