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    Yesterday I completed my first real competetive race! Big grin It was the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament 5k. I completed it in 25:37 (8:16's) and placed 91st overall. In my 14 + under age group I placed 3rd. I ran much faster than my mother and I were expecting. So I'm happy. Yes
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      Congrats! First race and you placed. That is impressive.

      Run until the trail runs out.

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        Congratulations! That's an awesome time. Smile



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          Good stuff! I bet you can't wait for your next race now. Wink

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            Yeah I read something before I ran the race which turns out to be true, it really did inspire me to want to run more.
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              Great job, Sharpie!!!!

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                Dude. Nice time for a first 5k for anybody ... pretty amazing time for your age group. Do you run track in school? Speaking of your age group ... it only took me 348 5k's to win an age group award. And it was a stupid key chain. And you did it on your first try. I'll bet it was a big trophy or something, too. I'm so jealous.
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                  Nah it was a medal. I don't run track in my school. I used to in my old school but didn't try out for track in the one i attend now. My mother's fiance got honorable mention for the top 10 in the country for his age group (50-59) so he ran ahead and stopped and waited with me the whole race and wouldn't leave me alone. I also was bumped out of the first water stop Undecided I had another 5k when I was like 7 that i ran alot and i got first in my age group but mysister pushed me in a shopping cart alot so i don't consider that a race for me..
                  I run becuase I want to...

                  Hoping to Run Again :-(

                    Way to go Sharpie! Impressive race - Congratulations on placing too! Smile
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                      congrats sharpie on a great run! Big grin

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