What happened to podrunner? (Read 661 times)

    I finally got headphones for my MP3 phone. Went to djsteveboy.com to browse for some tunes, only to find that the archive has been wiped, and there are only 5 mixes at this time. What's your BPM? So far I know mine's not 140. Tongue
      I found pod runner through itunes. Are they all there?
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        From the Podrunner newsletter: On Thursday night, November 1, all the Podrunner mixes currently available in the archive will go offline. Here's why, and here's how we'll be rebuilding a new foundation of mixes for you. As Podrunner has grown, it has become more expensive to make available, but I could not legally or ethically earn revenue from the intellectual property of other artists and labels without their permission and participation. In fact I had to turn down several sponsorship deals because they would not have covered revenue for artists & labels. We worked very hard to come up with an unprecedented process for licensing independent dance music under conditions of sponsorship, until we achieved a situation where everyone who participates in the deceptively complicated process that is Podrunner can benefit. An unavoidable result of this new licensing is that, with the advent of our first sponsor on Nov. 1, Podrunner mixes containing tracks from labels that have not yet granted such licensing (and all of the mixes do) will have to come down, and only mixes containing content licensed under the new terms can go up from that point on. So the long and short of it is, he wants to start making some money off the Podrunner mixes, but he couldn't do that with the old mixes because he didn't own the underlying license rights to the tracks he used. But, from now on, he's going to buy license rights so he can get sponsor money, but in order to do that he needed to wipe out the old archived (unlicensed) mixes.
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          Meant to add: I have most (if not all) of the Podrunner mixes of bpm 160 or higher. These total about 3 GB of data, so they're not exactly easy to share. But if someone dropped me a line at: I'd be willing to try something reasonable.
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