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    I've gone through a couple of bikes the last 5 years. Now I'm spending some time learning about maintenance, repairs etc.


    It should be possible to get a good used bike as well, quite a bit cheaper than in a store.


    I'm planning on going on longer trips and then maintenance and repairs is a must. When used to cycling one can get quite a bit of range in a single day, and with a trailer, packing up some gear is a breeze.


    Wish I spent some time learning repairs and maintenance years ago, would've saved me some money. And doesn't leave the bike standing for extended periods, if there is some problem.


    There are parts that wear, like the cassette and chain - and it's cheaper to DIY.

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      Thanks for all the tips and feedback. I went with a hybrid with adjustable handlebars. Trek Verve 2. Got Labor Day and am very pleased with the choice so far. Next step is to learn how to take care of it with routine maintenance!

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