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    hi my name is Dan

    i am 18 yo weight around 108 kg and about 25% body fat, i've lost 40 kg in the last 2 years and i've got in to running about 4 mounts ago.

    i can run a 4:30 1k, 9:30 2k and 15:30 3k, so im not the fastest man on earth but im willing to do what it takes to get there, i have to be able to run a sub 4 min 1 k, sub 8:50 2k and sub 14:30 3k, and i have about 2 mounts to get there

    id like to get your advice on training and nutrition' my training plan now contains a 3k or 2k fast run, a long 5k+ run, interval training ( 4 times 400m + 8 times 200m) and ATG squats on rest day and some pull ups push ups and core exercise, nutrition: low carBlack eye70 -150g) on rest days' moderate to high carBlack eye270 - 400g)  on running days' rest days cals about 2500, training days cals about 3000+, protein intake is 160- 210 g

    should i diet down or maybe recomp?, do i need more carbs or maybe more protein' what about training do i need to do more? or maybe rest more ( i feel like i need to rest more... ) so to summarize id like experienced runners to help me with getting faster fast ha ha, thank you for your time and be speedy!

      The fact that you're paying attention to these things is great. At that age, I ate nothing but crap. But for whatever reason I was able to get on the track team in college because I was fast. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and do things right, instead of eating crap, drinking to excess, and chasing girls.


      For the training, given the time deadline, I'd spend the next two weeks upping the kms per week to at least 50k, and don't worry about how fast you're going. World class Kenyan runners do most of their runs at 6-9 minutes per kilometer! But when they have a HARD workout, it's hard. Third and fourth week reduce the kms to 35 or so, and throw in a day of long-speed, like 4-5x 1k with 2-3 minute rest between. 5th through 7th week have TWO days of fast workouts, one of them being shorter, faster tempo like 10x400m with 2-3 min rest. On the 8th week, easy 4-5km runs, 4 days before "race day" include 5x200m strides (fast, but relaxed) with a whole lap jog between them, 2 days before maybe 5-10x 100m strides as part of a 3k run, again relaxed but quick leg speed. The day before, nothing.


      some general workout concepts most people follow:

      Easy day/hard day. Don't do two hard workout days in a row, the recovery is where you gain speed and strength.

      Take one day a week off from running entirely. Usually the day after your long run.

      Do one long run a week, a single run that is 20-30% of your total distance run for the week (traditionally on Sunday, I don't know why).

      Distance = Strength Weekly/Monthly distance run is the single most effective thing for improving running performance.

      Once strong enough by running a lot, you can tackle speed workouts effectively.

      Taper; the last week before a race, slow down and take it easy

      VooDoo: There are no magic workouts, foods, potions, or shoes that provide a shortcut (well, maybe VaporFlys...). Knowing this will save you time and effort.


      These are all general ideas, and so is my workout plan above, calculated on the fly as I read your post. Other people can and will be more helpful with specific ideas.

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        Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I found it really interesting.