Be careful NOT to rely too much on technologies!! (Read 1201 times)

    Maybe it's because these idiots were Japanese (;o)) but 3 Japanese students (college, I assume...) drove right into the ocean simply because their GPS said they could go on:

      Oh, my! 


        Ha.  They should have watched the American TV show "The Office".  (the main character drove into a lake for the same reason)


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          I'm shocked that this could happen to a guy with a wife-beater tan.

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            Perfect timing for this thread. Thanks! My Garmin HR monitor troubles seem quite small now. 

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              A similar story...about 2 hours south of me.  People will never learn.

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                  I live in TX and my dad from MA visits me all the time. When he's here I let him borrow my car when needed. Since he's not familiar with the roads here he brought his own GPS with him. One time he dropped me off at work and went shopping, and when he was done, he just hit the "home" button on the GPS and off he went... He turned around after 30 minutes or so...


                    Big grin  Hopefully before he crossed through Oklahoma, right?


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