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    I know I've seen a post about this, but I can't find a way to search the forums without manually searching the posts. I did that for the post titles in this forum, but not the message body...so maybe that's one thing that could be added, if it's ok. Otherwise, I'll just keep asking questions that have already been asked and answered. Wink I sprained my ankle this morning on my run. I'd like to add that to the workout, I know that there is an "injury" icon on the "create new course" map part, but I thought I might be able to add the location on the map to an individual run.
      Sorry to hear that you sprained your ankle. How long will you be out for? There is no way of doing what you want right now. I doubt I'll ever get to letting you link two events together (i.e. assigning an injury event to a particular workout). Their proximity might be sufficient to show their relationship, as long as you put in a time of day. As for adding location to the map, you might be able to do that when I add GPS import. I don't want to give away too many details right now, so you'll have to wait and see Smile

        well, it's pretty hard to walk right now, but I figure it won't be more than a week, hoping 2 days. My ankles are pretty loose, and I've sprained them so many times before, that it usually only takes about 5 minutes before I can walk OK again, no ice even. But this one was pretty bad, so at least a few days. It was just a lateral sprain, not a high ankle sprain, so even a severe one should not be too long, I hope. No big deal on the request. It could be useful, but certainly not necessary. Thanks! EDIT I can add an injury note to the map of the course right now, and that might be sufficient as well. I'll just have to remember to look at the course if I want to remember where I hurt myself.
          Don't forget you can also add a "health note" to mark that event on your calendar. It shows up on the calendar with a nice, bright red cross, so it's easy to find... To add a "health note" go to the training log. In the upper left corner under the "add new run entry" option, if you use the drop-down box, you can select "new health note." Hope everything heals up soon! Janell

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            Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 2 mos. Clearly, I'm getting too old to estimate. got out this week for the first run. ankle is still swollen a bit, and I still am rehabbing it, but I'm just darn stubborn to not get some exercise. I never thought I'd say how much I love treadmills, no worries about cutting left and right.