Overdid my run and I still feel sick 1 day later??? (Read 375 times)

Jess Causley

    Any advice how to recover from a very bad run??


    I know I shouldn't have done my run yesterday, I had a stomach bug, couldn't eat breakfast and there was absolutely nothing left in my stomach. But this was my first child and work free day in ages and I had really looked forward to testing my limits. So I still thought I could run 24 km. The first 15 went really well, so I didn't turn around.


    And now I still feel sick. I think I feel sick beacauce I only ate 1 slice of toast all day yesterday, but I just can't eat. Anyone who has overdone it? How did you get over it? How long does it take?

      Just make sure you take a day or two off when you have the flu.  I run with colds, in fact, it usually makes me feel much better as long as I make sure it's an easy run.  Whenever I have the flu, I make sure I get my rest and load up on fluids.  If you push it like it sounds like you did, you risk missing more time off than you would have if you rested.  I had a stomach bug around Easter, and only missed two runs because of it.  I rested two days, and the third was feeling up enough to give it a go.  I made sure to keep it slow though. 


        dehydration alone can make you feel like death's door - add in a true illness, fatigue, & lack of calories - makes sense to me


        Jess Causley

          you'd think the body would feel like eating heaps when food is obviously needed. Normally it is hard to keep away from the sweets, but now I still can't eat a thing. At least this got rid of my last extra pregnancy weightSmile