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Needs more cowbell!

    What a great kid!  I wish I could get mine interested in running like that...he's a definite natural with endurance and speed to spare, but has ZERO interest.

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      That's cool!  When DS was in 8th grade, he wanted to do the 20-mile Habitat for Humanity WALK. I knew he wanted to run some of it, but I told him not to run the entire way.  He doesn't listen to his parents very well.  He ran the whole way!  That's when we talked to a coach, who said that might be a little far at that age (although he wasn't sore afterwards).  He has just always loved to run. He used to travel with my parents when he was young, and my mom told me his definition of a good hotel was one with long hallways that he could run in (I don't want to think about how he bothered the guests).

        32 miles in ten hours at age 11?



        Aurora Scott Age 9 in the Richmond Marathon 1999:


        Female 19-Under




        Aurora Scott





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          That is kind of young to be pushing the distances like that!  At least she didn't get hurt.

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