Is there a way to list my own posts in the forum? (Read 248 times)


    Sometimes I forget what threads I posted in, and it would be nice to see if there are any new posts in those. Maybe they asked me a question. But I can't find a way to list my own posts. When I search for my user name, I only find the posts in which my user name is mentioned.


    I don't want to subscribe to every thread I post in.



      You should be able to mouse over "Forums" in the upper left, then click on "My Topics" to do this.


      MTA: I don't check the "Subscribe to this topic" box, and all mine still seem to show up there.

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        I'm only seeing the one thread I am subscribed to.  You must have the "automatically subscribe" box checked under preferences.

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          I see no topics there. So maybe the way is automatic subscription. I didn't know it was possible. Let me try to figure it out.


            OK, I found it. This post will test it.


              Well, I set the option to automatically subscribe to threads that I'm posting a reply, but I still see no subscribed topics in my "My topics", even though I replied to this thread. Something must be wrong.

                There was a bug where the "Subscribe to this topic" checkbox is not selected by default if you opted to have it selected by default in your forum preferences.  I'm applying the fix right now.


                I'm also planning to update the "My Topics" page so that it would be more customizable.  Hopefully it'll make everyone's forum browsing experience better.