For Sale: Vintage Mayan Calendar (Read 369 times)

Revenge of the Nerd

    Extensively used. Durable limestone construction. Soon to be a collector's item. As is. No warranty. Will sacrifice!

    One of these days is none of these days.

    ~ H.G. Bohn


      Free shipping?


      Running is stupid

        I have a Mayan calendar for next year - every page is blank Smile

        Feeling the growl again

          "If you want to be a bad a$s, then do what a bad a$s does.  There's your pep talk for today.  Go Run." -- Slo_Hand


          I am spaniel - Crusher of Treadmills



            Hahahaha !! Well enough movies have been made about it so its not a lost cause ...

            I dont sweat. I ooze liquid awesome.

            Better I Leave