IT BAND ISSUES (Read 345 times)


    Had a good 16 weeks of training before running Columbus Half Marathon in Oct.  Had a great race and did even better than I expected.  Went on a cruise right after and found my quads were really sore... expecially going up and down steps!  (to be expected was my thought)  So, I went to the treadmill to do a little walking to recover and next thing I knew my quads felt fine and I started running... well... 7 miles later ...  my hubby had to come and drag me off the treadmill!! lol    "But I have a 10 mile race in two weeks" was my reply.   Things went well the next week and it was on a very slow run with a friend a week befoe the 10 miler that something happened.  It was one of those... oooh, that didnt feel good kind of things.  I dont know what it was but the side of my knee started to hurt.   I felt a pulling from the side of my knee to the knee cap when I walked.  Took a couple days off.   Tried to run a few days later and after a couple of miles, my knee started clicking.  Went to the doc and was told IT BAND.


      I have been doing the stretches he gave me for the past week and icing after each run.  I straighten my leg in the morning it kinda cracks.  I ran 30 minutes this morning and the 1st few steps the knee cap hurts but it goes away.  I'm finally disaplining myself to keep my runs at 30 minutes (THIS IS HARD TO DO!)  But I hope by being patient I will be back enjoying my long runs again.  WAS hoping to do a half in the spring but ended up signing up for a 5 person team.  Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. 

      Such a terrible injury. A couple years ago I started running outside in the winter and ever since I have had problems with tendonitis in the knees. Keep in mind that the cold lowers the elasticity of your muscles and tendons so try to keep the legs warm. I also found that bike riding did a good job of stretching things out in that area and it helps keep you sane when you can't run. It's best to use a clip in pedal or at least toe cages so you can lift the pedal on the upstroke and get some good separation in the joint area.