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    Does it use the dumbass ANT stick?


    As for this...

    >> it will last for a 50K but not further.


    Heh.  I have run some 50ks in 4:25.  Others closer to 8:00.  Courses vary.  I have midpack-y friends with 110s (no one with a 210) who have trouble making their batteries last for a marathon or 50k.


    That's ok, I was confusing the 210 with the 205 -- I don't actually know what a 210 is.

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

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      They advertise 8 hours in training mode.  I cannot confirm that, and have not ever gotten low enough for a message to be displayed.  I think that I have gone at least 4 hours running without charging it.  I have not charged it in a while.  If I remember I will download what is on there now and post here how much time I used and how many bars are left on the display.  I'll do that this evening.


      I downloaded between 5 1/2 and 6 hours of runs and there was one bar left on the battery.  Not sure what that equates to in time but I am pretty sure that I could have gone for at least another hour.



        I'm still very happy with my 210.  Been using it for distance intervals lately, and its been perfect for what I need (not as programmable/versatile as higher end models, but I tend to keep it simple).  Highly recommended.  Only issue I've ever had  is that on 1 or 2 occasions it didn't sync correctly and failed to log the first mile correctly...I've read it may be related to moving too fast as it first syncs (sounds possible).


        Mr Finn,

        I find I'm able to turn it "off" by simply switching the screen back to the "time" screen, and it will de-link and go into standby in 60 seconds (without the annoying beep).  This works every time except when its plugged into my PC.


        Battery life is good, probably better than my old 205 was.  I tend to plug it in every 2-3 days, but have gone a week (~5 hrs running) at times without draining it to one bar.


          Dare I say it - well at the risk of being ridiculed I have the timex global trainer which has a lot of mixed reviews, I switched to it after using the polar for many years and I have to say I absolutly love it the thing is a beast and has not let me down yet.

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            Thanks everyone for the feedback.  I ended up going on price.  Beach Camera (I have used them before for camera stuff with no problems) has an ebay sale for the 110 for $109.  Usually ~$150, so a great price.  It was listed as a daily deal, so I don't know how long it will last.  I bought mine last night.  Link:




            I don't have any affiliation with them, just a good price for me.