Bad pain on the outside-bottom of my foot (Read 331 times)


    Ok I know this is an old thread, but this really helped me. My situation was exactly the same as OP. I am running more because of the quarantine, and did about 4 miles. The next day, that same part of my foot was hurting bad, I deff couldn't not run. Very disheartening. For context, I'm 25, play sports regularly, have 10% BMI, weigh 175.


    I tried to fix it by placing a golf ball on the floor and running the affected area over it. It did not work


    The next day I found this video, I did the 3 stretches, and IMMEDIATELY the pain went down by 90%.




    I normally don't post on message boards, but this helped me so much. Hope it helps someone else too.


    TLDR: the pain actually is caused by the muscle running down the leg, not actually in the foot. Stretch the lateral calf, and you should be fixed


    My friend, you are a wizard! I've had this pain for 10 days and after doing the exercises it's completely pain-free