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    Hot off the presses: 


    Levels of sodium intake recommended by CDC are associated with harmful health outcomes


    A new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension finds evidence that the average daily sodium intake of most Americans is actually associated with better health outcomes than intake levels currently recommended by the CDC and major health departments, which are now being viewed by many in the scientific community as excessively and unrealistically low. See more of the debate on sodium intake in the AJHcollection, CDC, NYC DOHMH, Researcher Responses to IOM Sodium Intake Report.




      We harassed my father for years about his salt consumption.  He's salt a piece of meat until it was white.  We finally got him to a Dr the first time in 20 years, and his blood work came back with low sodium levels.  Apparently his body knew what he needed.


      I don't use as much as he did, but I like my table salt, especially kosher with those big flakes...  My blood work always comes back on the low end of normal, or every few years just below the normal range.  Apparently not absorbing salt well runs in the family.  Shrug.  One less bad habit to worry about.