2013 UGA Miracle Doughnut Dare (Read 105 times)




    My name is Davis, and I am involved with an AWESOME race at UGA called the "Doughnut Dare."  Basically, the Doughnut Dare is a 5K through the heart of UGA's campus but with an added twist.  About halfway through the race, runners have to eat 10 doughnuts then proceed to finish the rest of the 5K!  And to only sweeten the deal (pun intended...), all proceeds will go directly to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta--an organization that serves and treats children regardless of their ability to pay!


    The date and time of the race are January 26, 2014 at 8 AM at UGA's campus.  Here are links to the race website: http://www.5kdare.ugamiracle.org/index.html AND eventbrite: https://2014doughnutdare.eventbrite.com/


    Anyways, I just wanted to post on here and share the race with you guys.  It's going to be an absolute blast, and we'd love to have some kick butt runners show us how it's really done.


    Feel free to post questions in the thread, and I'll do my best to answer them!


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      Sounds fun(ish).  Will keep it in mind.



      Just run.

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        Is there a gluten-free option available?

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          Is there a gluten-free option available?


          Unfortunately, I do not believe so.  You can run without taking the dare, but I know that's not the same.

            Why 10?  Why not make it an even Dozen?


            Serious note, I am not in GA, but if I was, I'd do it.  I've tested and achieved "eating 12 donuts in quick secession" before.  (Don't ask me how I felt afterwards), but it HAD to be done to win a contest against a co-worker.  


            I think you will find many folks who "think" they can eat 10, but will find they will not be able to.   But then Again, race is on a college campus with many college students... Anything is possible. :-)    Good luck with the race

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              I live close enough to do this.  The only problem? I'd fall into a carb coma during my run from all those doughnuts!  Medics would have to be called to cart me off. I think I'm going to pass.  Have fun-I'm sure you'll have a great turn out!