new pr finally! (Read 167 times)

    yes finally a new 5k pr (over 50 pr that is).   21:05  age graded  approx. 74.13%      not as fast as many of you but have worked through quite abit of stuff last couple years.     still improving at almost 58   next goal sub 21  whooppee for me

      Congratulations.  Sub-21 is right around the corner.

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        21:05 sounds pretty good to me, no matter how old you are!  Congratulations!

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          Nice!!! Happy for you.

          running metalhead

            Nice stuff mate!
            I hope to be able to do 21 when I reach 58 (49 here).

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            Because you are free like a bird?

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              thank you, thank you very much everyone!    been sitting on 5k PR since 2010, broke it by 38 seconds finally!



              Congratulations.  Sub-21 is right around the corner.


              yep that's the next step


                congratulations on making an improvement at an "older" age. Wink

                That is a hard thing to do.

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                  nice job, skyedog.  great work.  38 seconds is an ENORMOUS PR reduction.   I'm sure you'll knock off 21 soon.


                  I missed mine by 11 seconds today.  Maybe later this summer for me.

                  - Joe

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                    congratulations on making an improvement at an "older" age. Wink

                    That is a hard thing to do.


                    Thank you!    or it just means that I have not fully trained to  my potential yet.   have had some setbacks that have interfered with training & therefor potential.  I've had to change a couple things in my running form, breathing,  training philosophy,  and race mentality as well. it all came together today & finally paid off.  will keep  working towards further improvement.


                    Joescott:  yeah I guess 38s is quite abit for a 5k & an experienced runner.  previous 5k mth ago  I beat my course record by 1 scd & missed PR by 3 scds.     so just keep working & hopefully you will have a race where everything is working & you will beat that 11scds & more!

                      Neil,    Great job - you  just keep getting better......

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                          Congrats Skydog. I'm 34 and have been sitting on 22:03 since 2010. Efforts like yours have given me hope for a breakthrough. Keep up the great work!!!

                          Fall  2013 Goals: Doable sub 22:00 5k; Challenging Sub 21:00 5k; Unlikely Sub 20:00 5k.

                            I'm ~6 years younger than you and I don't know if I'll ever be that fast, congrats!

                            Baby Got Track

                              Wicked fast!!  I don't think I could ever get my legs to move that fast.  Congratulations!

                              Leah, mother of goats 

                                John: taken me 3 yrs to get "better" & work through various obstacles along the way.


                                Justin: looking at your log, you are training at pace faster than me.  you s/b able to breakthrough that 22:03 mark now.  find that right pace in 1st mile & keep it there, alot of it is mental as well.  I have a mental block between 1.5 & 2.5 miles & been working on breaking through .  I've been working out on wed am at middle school track with a gal just abit faster than me (Boston qualifier last 2 yrs) & my goal is always to try to stay up with her.  when we 1st started this about 2 mths ago she would just kick my butt, but I've been slowly gaining a few steps on her.   this has us both pushing each other, me to gain on her which she does'nt like (highly competitive) & her to stay ahead. have caught her & passed her  couple times recently & she gets pissed & then pushes harder on next interval.  this is what is helping me to push through that mental block & hold pace even when my mind is saying "its ok  to take a little breather" .    helping with "speed endurance"   (holding faster pace for longer duration) as well.