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    My wife babysits a little girl who just turned two. Her single mother works long days (not by choice). The kid watched me go on a run a few times, then one day walked up to me and said "go run".  She wanted to go running.  We have run to the blackberry patch behind the backyard, to the apple tree in the backyard, and once ran all the way around the house. 


    Nothing like starting them young. 

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      Very nice!  My kids have started running.  They are a bit older (5 & 7), but they enjoy it.  Especially the younger one.  The 7 year old rides a bike, she prefers that now.  Wow though, 2 years old!!  I bet she wins her age group, huh.  Big grin

      So bittersweet,
      This tragedy
      Won't ask for absolution;
      This melody,
      Inside of me,
      Still searches for solution.
      A twist of faith,
      A change of heart
      Cures my infatuation.
      A broken heart, 
      Provides the spark
      For my determination.

        My little one is almost 3 and she loves to "Run like Mommy." She even did a kids 1 mile fun run last month. Granted, we sprinted/ walked and stopped to throw some rocks along the way but she made it and was proud of herself! We're all inspiring the next generation of obsessive runners!

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        "I have several close friends who have run marathons, a word that is actually derived from two Swahili words: mara, which means 'to die a horrible death' and thon, which means 'for a stupid T-shirt.' Look it up." - Celia Rivenbark, You Can't Drink All Day if You Don't Start in the Morning