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    Just curious, I run with my dog (Belgian Shepherd) and he currently runs about 20 miles a week with me.  I increase my long runs weekly and am up to almost 9 miles.  What run is too long to take a dog on?


      Really depends on the breed. Some dogs can’t go more than 0.5 miles on a run (pugs are a good example due to their short snouts), while some dogs like Vizslas can go on very long runs. Not sure where your breed fits in, you’d have to do some research. In general though, as long as you treat dog training like human training (build up slowly, make sure the dog is hydrated, etc.) than you’re okay. If the dog is still willing to run, you’re good to go! They’ll tell you when they’re not: my dog makes it about 4 miles before she starts trying to plop down because she’s too tired to go on.

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        I used to have a mix between Boarder Collie (50%), Labrador (25%) and Springer Spaniel (25%), and she could run for days as long as it was without a leash in the mountains. As soon as it was a steady pace on paved surfaces, she would be tired after around 5 - 8 km.


        Be aware of dehydartion, overheating and sore paws.

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          He is a Belgian Shepherd, so he's alot leaner than a German Shepherd.  He's a big scardy cat so he sticks with me the whole way.  I carry a water bottle for him so hydration is not an issue.  It's just that when it's time to head out the door, he puts his head down and slowly walks towards the door, as if to say, "gee dad, not again".

            I’ve had my Doberman on a 21 mile long run. I carried water bottles for her, and planned some rest stops and water refill places. It took a while to get her built up. She got in the habit of nudging me, and that was a sign she wanted a drink. I also had her once get too hot and she just plopped down at the first shade tree. We were close enough to home that after that, so we just walked home.


              Years ago we had a German Shepherd mix with somethings or other, thought there may be some greyhound in the lineage, but as a rescue no way to know for sure.


              My brother would take her  biking for miles. She would run along behind him along the local rail trail.

              Get back, eat and half the time hop the fence and take off on her own. That dog would be happy running more miles in a day than I do in a week.


              just so completely variable according to the specific dog.

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                Depends on the breed. I have taken my Treeing Walker Coonhound on a 50K, and we also do 18ish min 5K, and her workload is anywhere from 15-45MPW depending on the weather and what I need to do.