3:20 Thrusts into RunningAhead in 2012 (Read 940 times)

Better I Leave

    And elevation. Woof. I run at sea level, so put me more than 1,000 ft in elevation and I'm toast.

     Ya know, it's surprising how many don't take that into consideration when training. When I trained for the 2011 Tough Mudder at Squaw Valley, I knew the 13 mile course started at over 6,000ft and "topped out" at over 9,000ft, therefore I ran trails up here all above 8,000ft. It paid of in spades. I aced the challenged whereas I saw many participants already "fading" within the first 3 miles.

    Better I Leave

      ...Oh, and balls.

       Schweddy balls. **grin**

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          What about ass?

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            What about ass?

             Wow, you can say ass, and balls, and... other things over here? Someone tell GIM.

              Not only can you say ass...


                5 @ 7:50. Half at 8:10 into the wind and half at 7:35 coming back. 61, 42, 20 for the past three weeks -- a totally wasted taper. Made up my mind to run CIM with a smile on my face. There is definitely an impossibly small chance that the weather will break for three hours and I will run a real race.


                One last thing. I'm up to 9986 miles in the past four years, so I'll crack 10K just after the half. Cool.

                m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35

                  There is definitely an impossibly small chance that the weather will break for three hours and I will run a real race.


                  Yes there is. I hemmed and hawed before switching to Tuscon. Taper is now too long, and it's costing a ton extra too.


                  Actually the wind at this point looks almost more like a crosswind than a headwind, at least for most of the race.


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                    If I'm not mistaken Tucson is tops on GMaclin's spreadsheet for speediest marathons


                    Stig - how's the taper going


                    FB - taper is never wasted, never


                    SRL   - to answer you question 3:20 is less relevant to newcomers than it used to be but to us oldtimers it's more than just a goal time, it's the common thread that brought us all together.... (ok that sounded kind of sappy so strike that)


                    Super rare double for me today, 5.3 and then 6.2

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                      Also, it's a dry altitude.

                        3:20 is the time that is most dialed into my legs and my brain -- it was my BQ time for 5 years, and whenever I ran a non-goal race it was nice to have a BQ as a target, and convenient because it equated to a moderately hard training run.


                        Then my BQ time changed to 3:30, then 3:25, and now 3:20 doesn't mean anything... but I still find myself using it as a reference mark in casual marathons. I think the mile splits are hardwired in my brain by now. 7:40 first half, 7:35 second half, makes the math easy.


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